tylerTyler Spence is a fictional character, and “pen-name,”
used by author Guy Spitzer for the purpose of telling
this one of a kind coming-of-age story.




guyAuthor Interview: Guy Spitzer
By: Gary Marsh

“This book got written by accident.”

Author Guy Spitzer (aka Tyler Spence), credits his first novel to some old friends and fellow band-mates. However, the author’s original intent was to tell the story of PLATFORMS, a different way, on the silver screen. PLATFORMS the novel, was simply the unplanned result of that effort

“I have been carrying this tale with me since 1975.” Spitzer began. “PLATFORMS is an entertaining story that needed to be told and I knew it was time to get it out. However, because of the obvious visual and audio aspects, I originally thought of PLATFORMS as a screenplay. The fashions and music of the-day play such a major role in this story that a movie seemed the most appropriate vehicle with which to tell it. That’s why, my passion was (and still is) to entertain my audience in a way the novel (as good as it may be) simply can’t. But at the beginning, everyone told me, ‘write the book first and the screenplay can come later,’ so that’s what I did.”

PLATFORMS was named after the “iconic” shoes, a fashion trend that became popular for men and women in the early to mid 70’s. Sometimes called “Elevator Shoes” for the lifted, squared-off heals; the shoes were real head-turners back in their day. Spitzer cleverly uses the shoes, worn by the books main characters, as a metaphor to support one of the novels basic underlying themes. Spitzer explained, “With all of the stories that have been told about the 1970’s, I’ve often wondered why one of the most popular fashion trends that has ever come along (high heeled shoes for men) seems to always get overlooked?” Spitzer continued. “A lot of guys wore those shoes, but it’s like they don’t want to talk about it, or like they’re embarrassed this fashion phenomena ever happened.” Spitzer laughs. “So, I decided to get it out in the open by making it the focal point of my story, hence the title, PLATFORMS!”

Spitzer is married, has two grown children and two young grandchildren. The author has a passion for story-telling. He is an accomplished musician and song writer whose professional career has centered around real estate. Spitzer currently resides with his family in Northern California.